We provide the service of establishing companies with all professionalism and accuracy, as we help you in the establishment of companies in all forms and types. We provide the necessary consultations and guide you in all legal and administrative steps related to the establishment of the company.

Establishment of branches

We provide the necessary support for the establishment of your company’s branches within the state of Kuwait. We take care of the necessary legal procedures to obtain branch establishment licenses easily and conveniently.

Merge branches

We offer the service of merging branches with your main company in a legal and orderly manner. We are keen to provide the necessary advice and guidance to carry out the integration process smoothly and effectively.

Renewal and cancellation of licenses

We provide the service of renewing your company licenses regularly, in order to maintain the continuity of your business legally, modify companies and enter and exit partners. we also help you in the procedures for revoking licenses if you wish to do so in a legitimate and orderly manner.


We help you in the acquisitions of other companies in a legal and successful way. We provide the necessary support, legal and financial procedures to ensure the success of the acquisition.