Welcome to the office
Arsan Law Firm and Legal Consulting

Arsan Advocates & Legal Consultants is a specialized legal office in Kuwait that provides comprehensive and innovative legal services. The office was established in the year ٢٠١٢ under the name of Al-Mutawa legal group and after the development and expansion of its activity, the name was changed to Arsan law firm and consulting. We consider excellence and professionalism to be the main pillars of our business, ensuring that we provide the highest levels of legal expertise to our clients.

Our team at Arsan is distinguished by their many experiences and strong legal backgrounds. We deal with all kinds of cases in various fields of law such as commercial, civil, criminal, administrative and other cases.
We use a strategic and analytical approach in providing legal advice and legal representation in a distinctive and effective way.

Our vision

We strive to become the first leading office in the field of law and legal consulting at the local and international level. We also strive to provide innovative and unique legal solutions that meet the needs of our clients and successfully achieve their goals.

Our mission

Providing innovative and customized legal solutions to our clients, achieving justice and protecting their rights with full force and integrity. We consider partnership with our clients to be the foundation for success, and we strive to build sustainable relationships based on trust and mutual understanding.

Our values
We believe in excellence, integrity, professionalism and cooperation.

We are sure that achieving our goals will be through teamwork and dedication to serving our customers and our community.

Our goals

There are no limits to our goals, because we strive to provide comprehensive and sophisticated services at the local and international level.
Arsan advocates and Legal Consultants aims to achieve a set of goals, including:

  • Legal servicesWe aim to provide the highest levels of legal and professional service to our clients, focusing on meeting their needs and realizing their interests.
  • Innovation and evolutionWe aim to innovate and continuously develop in the field of law and legal consulting, and use the latest tools and technologies to provide innovative and effective legal solutions.
  • Achieving success and excellenceWe work to achieve success and excel in all the legal challenges we face, and we strive to achieve the best results for our clients continuously.
  • Teamwork workWe believe in the importance of teamwork and cooperation with our clients to achieve the desired results, and we work to build sustainable relationships based on trust and understanding.
  • Provide support and guidanceWe aim to provide personal support and guidance to our clients, help them make the right decisions and understand the required legal steps.
  • Achieving justice and protecting rightsWe strive to achieve justice and protect the rights of our clients in all legal transactions, ensuring that they get what they deserve based on the Law.