The service of commercial agencies includes

Preparation and documentation of agency contracts: we prepare and draft agency contracts accurately and appropriately for the business in question, focusing on ensuring the rights and obligations of the contracting parties.
Determining the scope of the agency: we help clients determine the scope of the agency, the areas of delegation and the powers that the agent has to carry out transactions and make business decisions.
Follow-up of commercial transactions: we follow up the execution of transactions and verify their execution in accordance with the concluded legal agreements, and work to resolve any disputes or problems that may arise.
Legal protection: we provide legal support to clients in case of any legal issues or commercial disputes related to agencies

Our commercial agency service provides great opportunities for companies and individuals to achieve success and expand their business activities with confidence and security.
Our team in our office works to provide a comprehensive and customized solution for each client that corresponds to his needs and business requirements, emphasizing the protection of Privacy Policy and confidentiality of information for clients at all times.