In the growing world of show business, the occurrence of business disputes cannot be avoided, but they can be handled effectively and professionally.
We provide a full-fledged service for resolving commercial disputes through mediation and negotiation, as well as legal representation before courts and arbitral tribunals.

Mediation and negotiation of trade disputes

Our service in commercial disputes involves mediation and effective negotiation to reach satisfactory solutions and settle your commercial disputes in varying ways according to the disputing parties.
Our specialized team uses professional negotiation and mediation methods to reach an agreement that meets everyone’s interests in a fair and balanced way.

Legal representation before the courts

With regard to legal representation before the courts and arbitral tribunals, we represent your interests and rights with high efficiency before the courts and judicial authorities.
Our team of experts in the field of Arbitration and legal proceedings, guarantees you a defense and a legal representative who will contribute to the best outcome of your case.