Our office provides comprehensive and efficient debt collection service to clients from inside and outside Kuwait.
We understand that successful debt collection is a vital aspect of running a business and can be complicated.
Therefore, we offer a customized solution to meet the needs of our clients thanks to our extensive experience and team of legal specialists.

  • Case assessment: we begin by accurately and professionally assessing the debt situation in question to understand the challenges and opportunities for collection.
    Customized strategy: we develop a customized collection strategy that suits the debt situation and aims to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.
    Effective communication: we are keen to communicate effectively with customers throughout the collection period to provide them with updates and important information periodically.
    Friendly settlement: we always strive for a friendly and mutually satisfactory settlement so that it maintains good business relations.
    Legal representation: in the event that an amicable settlement is not reached, we provide strong and influential legal representation before the courts and arbitral tribunals.