Companies and commercial contracts law

Providing specialized legal consultations in the field of corporate laws and preparing comprehensive commercial contracts to protect your commercial interests and ensure the success of your business.

We provide the necessary support and appropriate legal representation in disputes related to the financial markets and seek to resolve them professionally and accurately.

We provide legal guidance and assistance in comprehensively and effectively handling business disputes to protect your interests and achieve the best results.

We support you with rental issues and help resolve disputes fairly and efficiently, while protecting your rights and ensuring fair and effective handling of rental matters.

Our service includes protecting labor and workers ‘ rights and providing assistance in legal challenges related to the field of work, to ensure that you get your rights and face challenges efficiently and accurately.

We provide consulting and assistance in important administrative matters, to provide outstanding legal solutions and deal with cases accurately and professionally.

We provide specialized legal advice accurately and honestly, to ensure your rights and protect your Family’s interests efficiently and professionally.

We provide comprehensive and effective legal assistance and representation to achieve the best results and protect your rights with high efficiency.

We provide legal support and defense to protect your rights and ensure fair procedures with high efficiency to achieve the best results.


Establishment of companies

We provide the service of establishing companies with all professionalism and accuracy, as we help you in the establishment of companies in all forms and types.


Drafting contracts and legal agreements for the electronic store.


We help clients determine the scope of the agency, the areas of authorization and the powers that the agent has to carry out transactions.

Our office provides comprehensive and efficient debt collection Services to clients from inside and outside Kuwait. We understand that successful debt collection is a vital aspect of running a business and can be complicated.

We work to resolve disputes that our clients face outside the state of Kuwait regarding their contractual relations with parties within the state of Kuwait.